MIKAS Project – our main “Continental sponsors”



The International Research Centre on Karst (IRCK) is the first category II center on geosciences of UNESCO. It is operated by the Institute of Karst Geology of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. IRCK is located in Guilin, China. The IRCK works closely with the IAH Karst Commission and other related international organizations. The IRCK organizes every year the training course for young professionals and students with different topics. http://en.irck.org.cn/yrzx_en/index.html


The Karst Research Institute in Postojna, Slovenia, is one of the most traditional institutes working on karst, located in a classical karst region. Institute’s researchers come from various backgrounds including geology, geography, physics, chemistry, biology and microbiology, thus enabling a multidisciplinary approach. The Institute regularly organises international schools “Classical Karst”. http://kras.zrc-sazu.si/


North America

Karst Waters Institute is a non-profit institution aiming to improve the fundamental understanding of karst water systems, for professionals and the public. The Institute is governed by Board of Directors who come from various institutions all across USA. Institute activities include the initiation, coordination, and conduct of research, the sponsorship of conferences and workshops, and occasional publication of scientific works. KWI supports these activities by acting as a coordinating agency for funding and personnel http://www.karstwaters.org/


South America

Founded by a group of researchers and technicians working in different areas, the Karst Institute with head office in Bairro Santa Lucia, Belo Horizonte – Brasil, a non-profit association, has as its main mission to carry out research and preservation actions in Brazilian karst areas. https://institutodocarste.org.br/site/