Advisory Board

The MIKAS project’s Advisory Board consists of one representative from each continent who work together with three rotating chairs of the IAH Karst Commission, and the project team leader who is initiating a whole project. All of them are members of the Karst Commission, which is one of the most active IAH groups, with tradition that spans more than 50 years.

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National experts

As of December 2023, the MIKAS project involves 103 national experts who have agreed to voluntarily work on the project. Their expertise has so far helped evaluate more than 100 springs in 22 countries, and at the end of the process these experts will have covered 99 countries from all the continents. Some countries and regions such as Central Asia or the Caribbean are still lacking experts, but we expect the promotion of the project’s achievements to increase the number of “karst countries” and complete the list of experts.

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Project Secretary
Veljko Marinović